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    WoW --> GW2 --> What profession should I play?

    I've been meaning to ask this for a while, and I was wondering if there was a class in GW2 that really sounds like it's right up my alley, based on my WoW classes? I know the "trinity" is out, so there isn't like a dedicated tank or healer or anything like that. But the more important thing for me is being as self sufficient as possible, if that makes sense. I know it's a group game, but when friends aren't around, I'd like to not struggle? Or something like that...

    I've tried to do some class "comparisons" myself -- (like Paladin to Guardian, or Warlock to Necromancer, etc.) -- but from all I've heard / read / seen from and through others, this isn't a simple copy and paste exchange. I've played sporadically, but didn't really get a good feel or idea of what I was doing 'cause, well, I don't know why. Maybe 'cause GW2 hit the day WoW's 5.0.4 patch hit, so I was multi distracted with playing.

    That said, would like to hear others' opinions, if that's okay. Either recommendations on what I should play or what I should think about / consider before deciding. I'm planning to mess around with the game for myself on Saturday, so there's some time for me to get some feedback. That said, these are my preferred classes and specs in WoW. Would this help lean me towards one profession or another?

    [ Paladin is my "absolute" main character / class to play. ]

    * Paladin (Main Spec: Protection - Sub Spec: Retribution)
    * Shaman (Main Spec: Elemental - Sub Spec: Restoration)
    * Druid (Main Spec: Balance - Sub Spec: Restoration)
    * Priest (Main Spec: Shadow - Sub Spec: Discipline)
    * Monk (Main Spec: Brewmaster - Sub Spec: Windwalker)
    * Mage (Main Spec: Frost - Sub Spec: Arcane)
    * Warlock (Main Spec: Affliction - Sub Spec: Destruction)

    [ I do not play / enjoy Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, or Death Knight. ]

    If this gives anyone some insight towards what I should consider playing or otherwise, I'd greatly appreciate any input or feedback.

    And I know some folks might say "just try all the classes and stick with what you like," but I'd rather hear from players who may have been in a similar position and hopefully gain some knowledge or gauge some ideas from their own experiences. It's been three months, so perhaps someone can offer me some major insight as to anything that should be known before attempting or beginning to invest heavily in GW2 or professions.

    Sorry if this is confusing. Hopefully, I've made some sense in all this. Thanks in advance to any / all who reply constructively.

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    Guardian is probably for you. You can build him defensively with bubbles and minor healing like a paladin and comes with the burning condition which paladins in WoW have some minor passive DoT effects.


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    Can't really compare any class to the next.

    Playing a thief, coming from a rogue, was so radically different and difficult I nearly quit multiple times in a fit of rage. Each time I'd then take a deep breath, analyze, get advice from other thieves, and come back stronger.

    However, that being said, the Guardian, like zito pointed out, would still be the closest match I think.

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    I'd say Guardian for you. Personally, I main a Paladin in WoW, but main a Warrior in GW2. But I'm MS Ret and played a Warrior in GW1, so direct legacy and all that.

    Guardians bring Virtues, which are similar in essence to our old Auras and to current Shammy totems, in a way; Virtues provide you a basic perk (aura effect), and you can activate them to give nearby allies (in your party or not) the same buff for a short period of time (totem effect). I think mace+shield/(hammer or greatsword) would probably be your best weapon loadout. The shield abilities you get as a Guardian are both offensive and defensive, able to heal allies and set enemies ablaze; mace skills can heal (self and allies) and give you some nice defensive utility in the form of a ground H/DoT and a block bubble. Hammers are massive damage and control - knockback, stun, short leap. I don't really remember any of the greatsword skills off the top of my head, but I know they were pretty cool.
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    guardians are pretty much palette-swapped renamed paladins.

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    I main a warrior in GW2, but going by what you have stated, what others have said, and my own experiences with the class, I would say the Guardian is probably a solid choice for you. They have many mechanics (as well as overall themes) that fit very much in line with the paladin's set of skills and themes.

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    Paladin (Main Spec: Protection - Sub Spec: Retribution)

    My WoW main was pally (prot/ret) like yours. I agree with the others, you should check out Guardian. But during beta I tried both Guardian and Warrior and imo, Warrior is more reminiscent of prot/ret (no heals and little in the way of support except by pulling aggro away from others and kiting/tanking - and you can spec for either 'tanking' or 'dpsing'). But that's just me. I dig Warrior.

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    You seem to like casting so give Elementalist a shot too. Whatever you pick, just remember to try out multiple weapon combos. They can totally change the feel of a class.

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    Thanks to everyone who replied. >=]

    Looks like the general consensus (of the few forums / threads I asked with) to go with is... Guardian first, Warrior second, Elementalist third...

    I appreciate the feedback, everyone! ^^

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    People who suggested elementalist assume you're a masochist.

    A friendly word of warning there in case you're not .

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    Play around with them, don't try to put a name on the profession and assume it plays a certain way. Take your time with it and you'll find one you love playing ^_^. That's how I ended up with 2 80 Warriors ;D.

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    If you have questions about specific professions, there are threads for each one. Please don't create "what class should I play" threads.

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