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    tbh i think this would be a good idea to implement / keep.

    the effort you have to go thru to get gold on all challange modes should be enough. it's the player that shows his skill with these transmogs seeing the gears itemlevel gets reduced anyways.
    Sure, might aswell make everything account wide, right?

    People cried that they wanted Mounts, Titles and Pets account wide, Blizzard made it account wide.
    People cried that reputation grinds on alts were boring, Blizzard made it "semi-account wide".
    What next:

    "Leveling is hard, please make my alt level 90 with at least 460 ilevel."?
    "Profession leveling is expensive, please make my alts profession level 600."?
    "Gear is hard to get, please give my alt full epic gear."?
    "PvP is boring, please make my alts Honor capped at a press of a button."?

    If you don't want item X or Y on your alts, it's simple...
    DON'T do the achievement that awards said item.
    DON'T farm said item.
    Etc, etc...

    Stop crying, and stop "asking" for more account-wide crap, what we've got is more than enough, and was not really needed.
    Next thing we know, they're selling Boost packs at store... Sigh.
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    WoW is like a bad fanfic that takes years to read.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bozzna View Post
    Next expansion Thrall makes a baby with Nozdormu which can travel back in time and is a Mage/Shaman/Priest hybrid and gets kidnapped by Kael'thas who got ressurected by a horse using Nefarian's lightning machine.

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    I like the prestige of it, I like that's not account wide. I only wish CMs were actually HARD instead of huge aoe fests with cd usages.

    I very much doubt Blizzard will actually ban people for that - idk about you but I ended up getting my awards upon logging in, getting crashed on login and reloading the client. No queing necessary. I think the banhammer will fall on people that purposefully stole realm firsts out of that.

    Nyoh, please keep us updated on how hard it is to Dark Simulacrum certain bosses and gain literally a million dps. >.>

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    For anything labeled "challenge" (whether or not it actually is) should only give rewards to the toon that got the achievement. Otherwise what's the point?

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    They have fixed this now, I went to my alt bank and was going to xmog my new pvp gear but the CM gear was gone.

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