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    Simcraft - Custom weapons/Gear

    Since the armory isn't showing the upgraded stats on items, I was looking around for a way to customize the weapon/offhand I have upgraded quickly. Is there an option I can add for simcraft that allows me to put in an override like upgrade_lvl=1?

    I input the weapon as a custom weapon, but I am unsure if I did it correctly. Did I miss anything? It seems to have worked correctly, I just don't want to just assume I did it right and find out down the road I have to reforge because I screwed it up.

    Oh and is there any chance we can get an export option on one of the wowdb sites like this one so we can just export the upgraded weapon/item in simcraft format until simcraft implements the gear upgrades?

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    With the latest simc release, just add ,upgrade=1 or ,upgrade=2 to the item line.
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