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    BMAH timers

    Hello, i would like to purchase a blood-soaked invitation, but cba to bid when there is "Very long" cause i will only be outbid anyways, and i don't want to make a 100k bid just to be certain i get it

    Anyone know at what server time the timers expire so i can bid on them just before?

    No idea if they are same on all servers or same every day even.

    I'm on Kazzak - EU if it's server wide.
    I'm probably at work when they expire so i would love to know so i can log on to wow with my phone and bid just before

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    Theres probably a rotation on your server where auctions begin and end at the same time every day. I know on my server new auctions usually show up early in the morning but I have never seen one end.

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