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    [A-10] Phenomenon is Recruiting!

    Recruiting only the hardest [email protected]#$ers out there better beware once we get going we don't stop till our hands and eyes are bleeding or every boss is dead. Then we pvp until our arms fall off. Only join if you are jobless and can afford repeated surgeries top end computers and ten gallons of energy drinks a night.

    But honestly if you want to join a fun group of people to raid with hit us up we currently have 2 spots open preferably 1 tank 1 healer but we can do 1 Rdps 1 healer. Raid times are 9-12 EST, tu/wed/thu. The biggest thing holding us back is people not showing up hence the recruiting if we can get 10 people to show up allot more bosses will start going down.

    If you're interested contact Rooky in game.
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