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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerN View Post
    With the wind we have had, not much snow on the roofs at all.

    From looking at my neighbors I would say at most 20cm on the roofs.

    I had to plow a layer of a meter or so again today though outside my door, done that several times these past few days. But a lot of that also comes from the snow carried by the wind.
    I remember in like 1997 or something like that we once had so much snow that it was straight up impossible to open my front door because there was so much snow.

    I hadn't gone outside in like 2-3 days and hadn't shovelled either and between the door freezing shut and the meter of packed snow I couldn't get out. I had to use a back door to chip away the packed snow with an ice scraper

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    Just started snowing over here in NJ
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    Lucky for you guys. I haven't seen snow in 5 years now.

    For Christmas this year I get 60-80 MPH winds with possible hail and tornados (I'm a severe weather junkie so I'm actually happy lol)

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    WTB SNOW...England...

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    :§ need some snow in belgium ((((

    wanna have fun whit my mx-5 :§

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    Latest update from my part of Sweden, we have like 60 - 80cm here with 1.2meter in some local spots, only -5c outside my house but i hear it rains down south in Sweden and the upper parts have -40c a little here and there.
    Weird how it can be such diffrence when usually whe have like 20c diff at most.
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    Only ~4 inches in Ohio, but some ice. Fun cleaning my car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bags- View Post
    Only ~4 inches in Ohio, but some ice. Fun cleaning my car...
    We have just short of a foot over where I'm at in Pennsylvania. Wind blew it around a ton, though, so I'm not sure just how much fell. I hope it snows even more, lol.

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