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    The Adventures of Parry Hotter!

    As we all know, JK Rowling has unfortunately said that she will not be writing any more Potter books. So that leaves us only 1 option. And that is to tell the story of Harry Potter in an alternative universe...

    -In this universe Harry Potter is known as Parry Hotter, and WE are to tell his story.


    The Adventures of Parry Hotter!

    It was a cold morning, quiet and still. Parry pulled the covers over his face to keep the cold from piercing though the gaps in his bedding. It was of course terribly cold in the cupboard under the stairs. As he began to warm up, a smile formed across Parry's face. But before he could even enjoy the moment, before he could savor this temporary solace from his most-terrible life, he heard a banging on his door. Large puffs of sawdust fell from the ceiling right onto his worn blue bedspread. Parry let out a sigh.

    "Parry Hotter," his uncle Vernon exclaimed, "get out here NOW!"


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    So Parry sprung out of bed and ran for the door, and just as he was about to step outside, he noticed he wasn't wearing any clothes. He turned around to grab some from the dresser, only to see that the house was slowly catching fire while being sucked into a magical vortex. Frightened, he ran outside and towards the treeline, where a majestic stag with a rainbow coat watched him.

    "You must be Parry Hotter, climb onto me, for I shall keep you warm and take you to safety." said the stag.

    ( I can see this being a lot of fun. )

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    The stag flew away into the stars, and kept Parry safe and sound on the moon until he'd learned how to be a powerful wizard. Then when he knew how to be a powerful wizard he left the moon to take revenge against the vampires. Then he met Don and Hermeeown.

    "The vampires are gonna be sleepin' with the fishes." said Don.

    "I em vrom Eestern Yurup." said Hermeeown.

    "I can be a powerful wizard. Let's kill all the vampires!" said Parry.

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