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    Affliction in pvp in MoP

    I dont quite really understand what's going on, are the people got blind because we have more then just 1 spec for pvp? no one wants to use afflic anymore?
    I remember back in 4.1 +- every single lock and their mothers were crying out for UA dispell buff ( which they did at some point and buffed the shit out of afflic)

    But now when UA dispell is at it's worst, i dont understand why no one is making any sound? are we blinded by demo being able to one shot ppl, or destro is some what viable in arena? im 100% sure ppl still wants to play afflic as well, but they must fix it a lil' bit.

    this is not an entirely qq-buff-my-spec thread, but a call for reason - what the hell happend to UA dispell punishment? 40k (hardly) dmg and some silly unaffecting silance?
    every healer just laughs and rofl dispell our entire dots every 8 sec without even bothering to think about it. (gg dispell takes skill, atleast its not instant cdless anymore but still...)

    also they might want to look around a bit on shard reg, unless anything dies and i can drain soul it, i wont be seeing any shards for a while...

    anyways inb4 demo gets the bat ( it's fine, but who do you think blizzards listen to? silant high rated players or the MASS qq kids on the forums) and destro losing it bit by bit, im hoping they will some how fix afflic a bit, by shifting some dmg to dots, buffing the UA dispell fun, and maybe a nice touch on the shard reg...

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    you said it yourself, blizzard listens to the mass qq, besides since affliction is top in pve they will never buff it for fear of further increasing it's pve potential , blizzard is fine as long as we have 1 semi viable spec, they really couldn't care less about what happens with affliction as long as the average player gets to have fun, as long as there are other specs that are at least semi viable they will not be buffing anything for a while.

    I know it's somewhat sad,I miss the old affliction too, but nothing can be done really, the topic about buffing dots and nerfing MG is not going to work, pver's somewhat enjoy the new mechanic and they will rise against the change, to further state my point, blizzard has stated in cata that they wanted to veer away from the multi dotting strength that affliction possessed, so you can see there is close to no chance that it will be changed back.

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