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    Good to see your fun is directly tied to how many purple pixles blizzard feeds you, the game will be better without you
    Meh, see the thing is. These raids, I don't even know why I'm there. They don't really explain why you're in there risking your life to kill these things. As far as I'm concerned I am there.... for LOOT. To make my character stronger. If I'm not getting any, then of course I'm going to get frustrated...

    That's the entire point, there have even been studies showing that upgrades are why people get hooked on MMOs, it makes your brain happy to feel that you just accomplished something and improved. When you do not improve... then the game loses it's hook on you.

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    You go into a raid for the experience, fun and atmosphere. You should go in with the mindset that loot doesn't exist (in any difficulty) and if you do get something it's just icing on the cake.
    That only counts the 1st time you go to the place, after that it's a redundant loot pinata and if you aren't getting any loot you get pissed.

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