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    haste cap or soft cap for 2h frost?

    I looked on EJ guide and couldn't find it on google either. Is there a haste soft cap or cap for 2h frost? What is it and if there is a soft cap what should you do when you could go over it?

    edit: I went to the "specific stat caps" section and didn't see a haste cap there. I remember reading before that there was a 6k haste cap for either frost or UH death knights so just not sure if this applied to 2h frost.
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    Only cap I know of is for DW. Sometimes haste simmed better then mastery, but from what I have tested when I were DW it was mostly due to the haste to mastery ration from gear. If one went over another the values indicated that you "needed" to keep an optimal ration1:1 haste to mastery, so the cap was the ratio. As 2h I didn't find any cap yet, but I am just at 6.3k haste with a lot of strength. So didn't went all over on haste.

    Have seen some profiles of DK's with about 11-12k haste but the gemmed and reforged just for haste. Guess they didn't find a cap either.

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    There's no hard cap, but I guess the soft cap for haste would be when you have 0 free globals outside of lust.

    It's alot of haste, I wouldn't worry about it this tier.

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