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    Join the Battle Squid Seeking Heals - 25 Core

    ÆNIMA is recruiting exceptional healers to add to our core 25 man group.

    Apply now!

    Current Raid Progression:
    MV – 6/6 (10), 6/6 (25)
    HOF – 5/6 (10), 3/6 (25)
    TOS – 4/4 (10), 3/4 (25)

    Raid times:
    Monday: 6pm-9pm PST
    Tuesday: 6pm-9pm PST
    Wednesday: 6pm-9pm PST

    For the most part we stick to those times, invites begin at 5:45 and we are pulling at 6. If we are close on a boss we will stay later, but not typically past 9:30.

    If you can make our times and want to speak more, add me to real id: plumwd#1834.
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