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    <H> LATE NIGHT <THE LATE SHIFT> 4/6H MSV 6/6HoF 4/4ToES 25 Man Recruiting all!!!!!

    tls.wowstead.com guild website

    The Late Shift is currently recruiting! Located on Magtheridon [Eastern-PVP]
    The guild was founded on Uther in vanilla and moved to Magtheridon at the beginning of WOTLK.
    We're a late night, progression-based guild. We are all very much raid minded and strive for progression. We expect the same from you!


    Our raid's start promptly at 11:55 p.m Server Time and go until 3:30 am Server Time We expect you to be on and heading over at around 11:45 pm. . Raid nights are TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY!, with an optional raid night on MONDAY if everyone is able.

    We supply food and flasks for raids, after your app period you will also be given free repairs. We also provide a friendly yet stern raid environment. We also provide free enchants to all raiders, and epic gems to all.

    We are looking for skilled/geared players with a competitive attitude that are NOT satisfied with being average, due to our 3 night raid week you must know all current content and MUST be able to learn quickly. Obviously we expect that you are very knowlegeable of the class and spec you play. You must provide your own potions and you must PREPOT and POT every pull!

    We currently do have a decent amount of players that enjoy pvp, although we are a pve guild and expect our players to prioritize their play accordingly. We would love to have players that are capable of doing both.

    Right now we are recruiting ALL CLASSES AND SPECS.
    This is NOT because we cant fill our roster, this is because competition is healthy and creates better players, we will not waste your time or money if we accept your application you will have the opportunity to prove yourself and raid with us. Please don't waste our time with a poor application.

    High Priority
    Protection Paladin x1

    ->All exceptional applicants are welcome, even if you're listed as closed.<-
    Click on applications and post one! You'll honestly have someone post a reply with some questions within a day. Make sure to reply and keep checking back!

    Our loot system is a loot council. Every night we have all the officers and full time raiders roll. The 2 highest officer rolls and 1 highest full time raider rolls will be the loot council for that night. We also have a system in place for your rank (App -> Part-time -> Full-time -> ER)

    Applicants will be app rank for at least their first 9 raids, officers will then vote to keep you. While an applicant you're basically bottom of the loot food chain. You'll roll versus other applicants, but will not be considered over full or part-time raiders.

    Part-time raiders are our raiders who dropped below our full-time raider attendance requirement (90%). They'll be considered for loot over apps, but not over full-time raiders.

    Full-time raiders are our regular roster members, whom maintain 90% attendance.

    ER is special! If you attend 100% of raids in a full calendar month you will be an ER for the following month. ER gives you one trump card on loot as a sort of thank you for being dedicated. If two people use ER on one piece, it will go to a roll off. The winner gets the item, the loser keeps their ER. ER lasts for 1 use or 1 calendar month, it does not roll over.

    We also keep track of how many pieces you get per week to make sure there is an even spread, as well as who would get the most out of a piece. At the start of the week, as a full-time raider you would be FTR 0 on a piece. If you receive a piece you're then FTR 1 and so-on.

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