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    Refreshing DOT's (Demonology)

    So I'm pretty sure you refresh dots just before procs go off so you get the benefit of the proc longer.

    But how does Dark Soul: Knowledge work? Does that effect dot damage even after the buff has fallen off?

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    Don't know if you've seen this yet, but this addon shows your dots in the middle of your screen and indicates when to refresh them. Although it's directed at Affliction, it works with Demo aswell. While I didn't answer your other questions, I'm sure you'll find this addon helpful :P

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    Dark soul is a buff like any other.

    - A buff goes up ; your existing dots do not get stronger until you refresh it while the proc is up

    - A buff goes down ; your existing dots do not go weaker until you refresh

    Recasting a dot is a refresh. Soulburning:soulswap is a refresh. Felflame is a refresh.

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