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    [Talents] Ice Barrier almost 40% nerfed instead of 25%

    Ice Barrier is a joke right now at pvp and it makes harder for mages to solo content. My Ice barrier used to absorb around 90k dmg it´s down to 59k.
    Spellsteal is almost worthless aswell since 65k mana means that we´ll go out of mana real fast in pvp and pve. We get 45k mana from gem not even that can give us the all mana back from spellstealing.

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    I doubt for mages to solo content was never an issue to the development team. And it shouldn't be a priority to be honest.

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    what? back to back 85k pyro crits?

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    mage nerfs? best christmas gift ever , thanks blizz xD

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    They tried to nerf dmg and slightly buffed it. They did go a bit far with IB and SS. Fire mages are glass cannons that should and will be focused down by any players worth their salt. The only ones that will continue to cry will be ones that just can't figure out how to interupt and burn them down.
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    Yeah, at least warriors got nerfed aswell.
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    What? My ice barrier was only nerfed 25%. Mine went from 115k to 85k. Check your math. I think you based the percentage on the nerfed amount instead of the pre-nerf amount.
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    It's just 24% with everyone's current gear (480), the higher your spellpower, the closer it gets to 25%, but it never reaches exactly 25%.

    Shouldn't have been nerfed for Arcane anyway, they should have done the same they did with Spellsteel. Where it was only nerfed if in Fire or Frost spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taftvalue View Post
    Yeah, at least warriors got nerfed aswell.
    Yes, now I can take them to 70% before dying when opening them. Before they just turned back, stun, and perfected me.

    What a nice nerf (I also have a warrior before L2P derping, and he is just nearly as OP as he was before 5.1. Sun still shine for him)
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    Still almost 20k higher than shamans talent shield so i cant really see the problem.

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    100k or 75k... still purged\dispelled or w\e, after the spellsteal nerf i really want to see offensive dispel CD.

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