View Poll Results: What do you do with your 1 key?

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  • Combat: Keep default attack.

    2 3.23%
  • Combat: Most used damaging skill.

    31 50.00%
  • Combat: Other non-damaging skill.

    22 35.48%
  • Utility: Mount.

    0 0%
  • Other.

    13 20.97%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    The Improved Faerie Fire, Hunter's Mark (not so much anymore with the glyph), or a readiness spell. Something I should always put on the mob to bring down his AP/HP some to improve the kill.

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    usually for me its not something rotational, i leave those to 2-5, 1 is usually something I use often, like taunt. with shift+1 being say AoE taunt

    Although on my Priest 1 is pennance

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    My most used skill is usually on 1. Which is probably silly because I find it a nuisance quite a lot of the time. Like when having to move and keep casting lightning bolt. I should really change it but I'm too used to it, I've tried ever so subtle differences in keybinds to make my life a little bit easier and I just couldn't get used to it and kept fucking up my rotation. Just one of those things where I thought it best to keep it the same and suffer the small consequences.
    However during TBC I used to use it for mounting, TBC was my PvP expansion. With a 3 second cast time it was important to have my mount keybound in a very easily accessible place. Everyone else I knew used to click their mounts, which I could not see the benefit to.
    I got a new mouse shortly in to WOTLK with a few buttons on it and decided that one of those buttons had to be mount because it is just one of the most used, but specific, spells I use.

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    Jab, Wrath and other main rotational/filler stuff like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zyx View Post
    On my hunter I actually have 3 as my auto shoot ability.
    really? You know that it does nothing else that a right click on the target? You really need a button for that?

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    Usually some combat ability which is either channeled or cast often. Spamming that 1 button is fun!

    Or rather:

    Mage - Scorch (can cast this while moving)
    Paladin - Crusader Strike
    Warlock - Haunt
    SPriest - Mind Flay

    Can't remember the rest of my characters, didn't play on them often.
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    Buttons 1-4

    1) Filler
    2) Top prio with < 5 second CD
    3) 2nd prio with < 5 second CD
    4) Taunt, DoT, 3rd prio

    Generally I can simplify most classes down to this pattern, so I have the basic rotation by reflex and just have to fill the rest in around it.

    ( ' is used for a ranged attack on my melee or a DoT on my caster. (UK keyboard. Its the one to the left of 1) )
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    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    Pandaren Monk
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    I remapped the "1 -5" keys to "~ to 4"
    ~ is Fel Flame on my Warlock.
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    Most of the time i have a AoE spell on the 1 key, doesn't matter which toon.
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    Shaman has Wind Shear, Warrior has Pummel.

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    prot warrior: shield slam
    fury warrior: bloodthirst
    ele shammmy: lightning bolt.

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    Field Marshal
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    Well, it really depends on the toon. Sometimes it's a filler, sometimes a most used attack.

    DK: Heart Strike/Howling blast
    Hunter: Kill Command/Chimera Shot
    Warlock: Harvest life
    Priest: Mind Flay/Prayer of Healing (yay PoH spam!)
    Druid: Mangle/Shred
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    My most used skill per character, generally. Jab for Monk, Frost Bolt for Mage, etc.

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    DK: Death Grip
    Hunter: Disengage
    Mage: Blink

    for my 3 highest characters (90/85/47)... PvP mobility purposes for button 1 for me

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    Warrior: Heroic Strike
    Paladin: Judgment
    Hunter: Arcane Shot
    Shaman: Lightning Bolt
    Mage: Fireball
    Warlock: Shadow Bolt
    Monk: Jab
    Rogue: Sinister Strike
    Druid: Wrath
    Priest: Smite
    Death Knight: Icy Touch

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    I, too, put mostly mobility abilities on it, or a interrupt; Blink, Death Grip, Charge, Kick.
    My most important keys are around numbers 3, 4, 5. Other keybinds are right below them such as; R, F, T.

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    On my healers its the main hot key. Healing over time key. Renew, riptide, renewing mist, holy shock(didnt have hots before)

    For dmg dealer its weird

    Warrior heroic strike
    Paladin crusader strike
    Dk icy touch
    Hunt explo shot
    Shaman ss enh or lightningbolt ele
    Warlock conflag
    Monk jab
    Rogue muti
    Mage frostbolt
    Spriest vampiric

    I often use f for filler spells like heal or slam

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    the one key is always my interupt
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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    Most of the time I'll have my top rotational priority that's not a cooldown on 1.

    I have a similar layout for all my toons. Blizz has made it so most of the common rotational abilities are either 4 or 5 keys that you regularly press.

    The `~ key is always my interrupt then 1-5 are my common rotational abilities with usually my top priority spell that's not a cooldown on 1, then the second most important spell on 2 OR I put my spammable builder there (Crusader Strike, Mutilate etc.) and my filler spell (Malefic Grasp, Shadowbolt) or main combopoint/holypower user on 3. On 4 and 5 I have the well used but lower in priority spells or the spells that can't be used often due to cooldowns or resources. (Soul Fire, Haunt, Earth/Flame Shock, Judgement)

    Q and E are the joker buttons I'll put odd stuff here that I need to have close, but is not strictly rotational, like Drain Soul, Dispatch, Fel Storm, Demonic Portal: teleport

    Then I'll usually have the important often used quick at hand spells on my 2 main mouse buttons. (Fel FLame/Curse of Elements on all warlock specs, Stealth/Vanish on my rogue specs etc.)

    Then I have in downsloping order from how easy the button is to use on my mouse my other spells. First one has things like Soul Swap and Metamorphosis on it, the next 2 have my main cooldowns on all chars, then on the next 2 are my healing/damage prevention spells, then the last 2 have things like potions and odd stuff that I don't want to click, but are not used often enough to warrant a better button.

    Then lastly I have Shift+ Spacebar bound, on my locks this has Life tap bound to it, and on other chars usually anything the improves running speed, so Sprint, Ghost Wolf, Death's Advance etc.

    Anything else is one a single 12 button bar and get's clicked.

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