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    Enlightenment: Broken then nerfed

    Ever since 5.1, the enlightenment quest would fail to apply the buff one completed. Today, I was happy to see that it was working again. However what i didn't notice off the bat is that it now only gives an extra 20% xp. I was little surprised that it wasn't in the patch notes.

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    Are you above level 85?

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    I used RAF to level my monk to 80 with granted levels but it only ever gave me a 20% buff despite the tooltip saying 50%. I don't know if it is higher at lower levels or if it was just a typo in the tooltip but I can say for a fact that it was only 20% well over a month ago for me.

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    I am fairly certain it is and has always been 50% for 10-85 and 20% for 85-90, that was what I was experiencing as I was leveling up anyways.

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    Yeah I hit 85 while it was broken. Didn't know that it dropped down to 20% after 85. Thanks.

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    Hmm no, since mop first day it was at 20% from level 85

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    Nah, it's always been 20% above level 85... even from day 1.

    I did RAF, breezed through 81 to 85 with the 50% buff, and went down to 20% in Pandaria.

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