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    Heart Of Fear raid lockout bug!

    So, we're a 10man raiding guild. last night attempted on the first of boss in heroic HoF.

    We havent killed anything and yet our druid couldnt enter. (message said he was saved even though he was not) So we tried having him inviting but then a second guy got the same issue.

    Anyone else experienced this and did anything about it to solve it? Fast responses please!

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    There are a ton of bugs in Heart of fear! (sorry i had to..)

    We had a similar issue in MV the first week, it took all kinds of scrambling around and logging and resetting. It seemed we had 2 people who were "saved" to 0/6, but they could not be in the same instance. If one was in the group the other couldnt zone in. We ultimately all logged out reset the instance, prayed, did a few dances and killed some alliance (sacrifices) and it worked.

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