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    Are you guys nuking down legs in the final phase or are you staying on the boss? Does this have any significant effect on the final phase? thnx in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oghqt View Post
    We also killed it this week (2nd kill for us) after 6:39. Our first kill the ID before was much closer (7:00). In both kills we used 2 tanks, 5 DPS and 3 healers.

    h t t p:/ /
    Except your tanks did... 45-50k in that log, and slightly less (totaled) on your first kill. 65-75k is a bit much to ask for a tank, but what your tanks are pulling should be about what to expect, and plenty enough.

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    I feel 65-75k is only possible if your tanks don't kite and are constantly hitting the boss or the legs. When we thought about how to kill this boss, it made more sense to us to let the tanks kite as much as possible so that the DPS can concentrate on their main job.

    However, I guess, do what works best for your raid. If you don't meet the DPS requirements for 2 tanks/3 healers, use a 0-1 tank and 2-3 healer comp.

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    Wow, making me feel our DPS is low (although if tanks are pulling 65-75k thats a huge part right there. ours are 25-35k). We have been 2 tank 2 healing it (we tried having me rogue tank it and 2 healing, but the damage that i lose from staying in front and only being able to really DPS 1 leg was less more than the damage the DK gained from going tank to dps) and in phase 2 i can NOT tank the boss, where the DK taunts off for the last few % after the war tank runs out of CDs.

    We had a few 5% wipes, and a 2% wipe where the final leg was at 30% hp. Up until this point we havent had a huge issue with enrage timers beyond "youre not doing it right" and HM will.

    It dosnt help that everyone looks to the rogue for insane damage and im rockin a LFR fist while they all have HM weapons ;.; (i have HM daggers for mut)

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    Disclaimer : I prefer asking here rather than making a duplicate thread for our 25H progress, hope you don't mind.

    We've done our first real evening night on him yesterday evening, and once we got things straight we consistently hit the enrage. At first, it was something like 15% , and finally our best attempt was approximately 8-9%, with a total of 5 deaths and 3 battlerez (surely this doesn't help). So we haven't hit the "1%-killable" window.

    Here's our strategy from yesterday :
    - having melee focus the inside legs, then the boss
    - having ranged focus the front outside leg, then the boss
    - not killing the back outside leg
    - kiting rotation (10-11 stacks each) : tank1, tank2, tank1, ranged, melee, ranged, melee, ranged, melee, ranged, ranged, melee, melee, ranged, melee, ranged (then phase 2 hits, and healers go on swapping the debuff among themselves)
    - we reach phase 2 after around 5:40, and we use heroism as soon as entering phase 2
    - on phase 2, we try and bring down as many legs (with the damage buff) as possible to speed up dps on the boss, and this is safe because incoming damage is a joke by then

    So ... as i'm not seeing us bring down that much simply by doing "more" (8% is quite huge), and as a consequence i *think* there are some adjustements to be done which might yield better results simply by themselves.

    Our "ideas" are the following :
    1) use ranged only instead of a few melee in the kiter chain (we did so because of the powerful mitigation/immunity cooldowns melee have to secure the kiters life during crush)
    2) change the way we manage the legs in phase 1, for example, not killing the outer legs, so that each mended leg would be zerged by melee fast, and best of all, safely
    3) because there's approx 35 sec (after stun) between the crushes, it seems feasible to send the melee to damage the outside back leg and come back for cursh

    We'll go back to him tonight, and we'de love to hear from you all before we pull again.

    From all of you who killed it on 25H, here are the questions :
    - what's your point of view regarding the 3 ideas above ?
    - and especially, are we doing something wrong as far as the legs dps is concerned ?
    - and more general, what else could we do to secure a kill ?

    For the numbers, here is our log for our best attempt from yesterday.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback. We know for a fact that skipping garalon would bring us to kill meljarak, but doing so would also prevent us from scoring another kill this lockout, and we're pretty damn sure that Garalon is achievable, so we'd like to refrain from skipping him.
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    We 2 Tank, 2 Healed it, with me (Resto Shaman) taking the first kite.

    Things that helped us:

    - Unless you are kiting, or a melee, you should be stacked in the middle for AoE heals and proximity CDs (SLT, Barrier etc)
    - First two debuff are stacked to 20, form then on we swap at 10 secs before a Stomp
    - Have a clear and consistent raid CD rotation set up, this includes everyone saving their personals (all classes have them now)

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    - Dont use Melees in your Kite Chain unless you really have to. Every Ranged should be able to survive Crush + Debuff. Have them use their personals. If not, give them an external CD or Shield him prior to the stun. Have them use healthstone prio to the stun if they aren't topped off
    - Switch ~10 secs before the crush to minimize raid damage and kiter damage during that time
    - Make sure every Ranged Kiter continues to do damage to the boss. Meaning, never run out of range, stack the puddles in 2-3 lines if you have to.
    - Have a detailed cd rotation for every crush. You have 8 or 9 Crushes in total till you reach P2, you have enough Cooldowns in 25-Man available.
    - Try using Bloodlust at the start rather then towards the end and see how it goes. P2 is really easy compared to P1. If you can bring him down faster, you don't have to move around as much. Might help your damage. Also, prepotted bloodlust with every cooldowns at the start will probably beat out your bloodlust in p2.

    Removing Melees from the Kite-Chain and using Bloodlust at the pull should net you the kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanden View Post
    We ended up killing it with 3 healers/1 tank with our rogue soaking. Since you also have a rogue it might be worth a try having one of your tanks go DPS and having your rogue up with the tank. The boss will melee a tank as well as cleave in P2, but there's no need to tank swap or move the boss at that point. The crush is on a timer (I'd like to say 30s?) and we found it much easier to swap about 2-3s before the crush than after. He won't crush in p2, so you pretty much only have to worry about someone kiting the pheremones for the rest of the fight. We heroed right at the start with all of our CDs and 4 legs to smash. Good luck!
    Do you (Or does anyone) have a log with a rogue as the second tank? I need to make my case for being the soaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipil View Post
    We'll go back to him tonight (25H)
    Just to keep you updated : tonight we did well. not enough, but well. What did we change ? We switched most melee out of the kiting chain (we needed 2 melee to reach P2). Secondly, we kept the same leg strategy, and reached enrage at 840M (with 3 brez + 1 dps dead for 120s of P2) then 857M (with 3 brez + 1 ankh) and finally 860M (1 dps dead for 49s + 1 ank + 1 brez) ... so basically if we stop dying we're good. We'll see wednesday evening !

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipil View Post
    Just to keep you updated
    And now it's down 25H, Yay ! He died just as he was in the air casting his massive crush !
    We actually managed phase 1 slower but phase 2 better, so we actually gained what was missing us.

    In case it could help someone, i'm posting the numbers we did : Yesterday (0.6% wipe) P2 (130 seconds) vs Today (kill) P2 (109 seconds). Same deal, Yesterday 0.6% wipe P1 (302 seconds) vs Today (kill) P1 (313 seconds). So we lost 11 seconds in phase 1, but gained 21 seconds un phase 2, without real luck on the legs positionning. It was really an intense fight, i'm looking forward for the confirmation next week, will be as tough as the first kill

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    20 stacks is way too much. We have a 9 man rotation and swap at 14 stacks.

    Oh, you killed it. Grats bro.

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    My guild runs 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 dps and we use the 2 tanks, 3 range and 2 melees to kite with phermones and everyone taking about 20 stacks each.

    Here is log from last kill
    22s left to enrage and then our rogue and warrior both where out of range kiting for about 40s or more each. If you struggle with healing I'd say make sure the healers don't have to take the debuff and focus on healing instead. If you have dps problems make sure people get the buff while dpsing legs and multi dot/cleave. Not much else to do tactic wise other than keep gearing up and keep trying. It's not a easy enrage check so if you don't have decent dpsers you might just need better gear.

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    Definately 3 healable, even without rogues or warriors or other cleavers. Have ranged only move to legs closeby, it's a dps loss to run after them all the time.
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