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    Do you have to have 5/6hc done to be able to engage WotE hc?

    Simple question We're 3/6hc and we want to skip spirit kings, kill elegon and go straight for emperor next. Is that possible?

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    No it is not possible. You have to clear 5/6 H before the pipes that activate Heroic Will are click able.

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    You can skip Spirit Kings to kill Elegon, that's what our guild did. But it's not possible to pull Emperor heroic without a 5/6 Heroic lockout I think.

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    You should do Spririt Kings before Emperor even if other solution were possible, but to answer the question; no you cant.

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    spirit kings is easier than emperor unless you have a very specific cc/cleave comp to cheese the rages. and, no, not possible

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