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    engineer as a dps profession

    1920 stat bonus can not be stacked with trinkets. in the later version, when trinkets are op, do you think engineer will not be better than other profession(except mine herb and skin)?

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    yes, because you can stack it with hero and the like, and then you just go more for proc tinkets instead of stupid on use ones.
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    Yeah engineering will always be best. Even when you can't stack it with on use trinkets, it's still equal/sometimes better than others when just used on CD
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    Using Bottled Tornado will now always properly put Rocket Jump and Goblin Glider on cooldown.
    So annoyed. I loved using that

    Engi is the best DPS profession still. Don't forget the frag belt which hits for 30K (aoe) and is off the GCD.

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    Yeah, and the expensive mounts and pets plus the fireworks. Engi really rocks!

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    I really like engineering as BM hunter! It lines up perfectly with my Beastial Wrath, 1min Cd and lasts for 10 secs. If I had on-use trinkets it wouldn't be that good I think.
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