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    Assassin's Creed 3 Outfit bug

    Hello all

    two things,

    i unlocked the Kanien’keha:ka outfit from collecting all the feathers before meeting with Achilles after im shown all the Templar and before going to Boston, i equipped the Kanien’keha:ka outfit ....... and was changed from the adolescent connor into the adult connor, didn't really care for it (mostly cuz its still the adolescent voice and if just seems weird).

    i cant find a way to change back to to original adolescent connor

    which brings me to the second problem when i interact with the outfit racks (which are now empty) im now stuck looking at them cant back out move away nothing have to hop out of the animus to fix it.

    anyone else have any of these problems and know a way to revert back to the original outfit.

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