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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    I doubt we will ever see Bolvar Foredragon again. His story, and that of the Lich King, is over.
    ...and so was Kil'jaeden's in WCIII

    ...and so was Deathwing's in WCII

    ...and so was Malfurion's in WCIII

    ...and so was Nefarion in WoW Vanilla...

    ...and so was Ragnaros in WoW Vanilla...

    ...and so was Illidan's in WCIII...

    ...and so was Illidan's AGAIN in Burning Crusade... (Metzen already strongly hinted he's coming back)

    ...and, lastly, so was Chen Stormstout's in WCIII :P

    They'll resurrect/bring back anybody and anyTHING just for the sake of story.

    I mean, why would Blizz go through the trouble of creating a reason for there always to be a Lich King if you didn't ever plan on revisiting the Lich King? Why didn't they just let Bolvar die and have us kill the LK and be done with it?
    Isn't it immature that you call him Donald "Dump"?
    I agree, it's childish and stupid - and that's my point. it's meant as a deliberate mockery of his blatant disrespect via using "Crooked Hillary", and thus I can call him "Dump" since he dumps his campaign promises, dumps campaign managers, dumps his wives, wants to dump the first amendment, dumps common-sense war ethics and dumps the use of proper English in favor of a mongrel white-trash dialect.

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    What I'd really like to see would be for Sylvanas to finally turn on the Horde and have her loyal supporters try and start a 2nd "Scourge" only to have Bolvar come and spank her down.

    I'm not sure how cool I'd be with Bolvar taking the reins of the Foresaken, but I think it'd be interesting to see an interaction between those two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    Haha yeah he didn't do anything to show or insinuate that he was one that I can think of. I only know he's a paladin because Saurfang refers to him as "the paladin".
    This is only because you never saw Bolvar punch Black Dragons in the face.

    Bonus points to anyone who knows what I'm talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    I'm betting Bolvar will be the "scourge" side faction leader of WCIV... I doubt they'll break of the Forasaken/Sylvanas from the Horde just for WCIV.
    Yeah, I thought something like this. Especially, as WC4 will probably not release until SC2 has been finished - which will take at least 2-3 more years and then at least 2-3 more years for a WC4 release - that would be around 6-10 years after WotLK has ended. And after that much time, why not reintroduce the scourge again?

    There are also other loose threads regarding the Scourge. Arthas' body is missing. The remains of Frostmourne are missing. What happened to them?

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    From an old Burning Crusade quest:

    Explorer's League Researcher: This reminds me of that one time where you made us search Silithus for evidence of sand gnomes.
    Explorer's League Researcher: Or that time when you told us that you'd discovered the cure for the plague of the 20th century. What is that even? 20th century?
    Explorer's League Researcher: I don't think it can top the one time where he told us that he'd heard that Arthas's "cousin's" skeleton was frozen beneath a glacier in Winterspring. I'll never forgive you for that one, Letoll. I mean honestly... Arthas's cousin?
    Explorer's League Researcher: Explorer's League Researcher: I dunno. It can't possibly beat the time he tried to convince us that we're all actually a figment of some being's imagination and that they only use us for their own personal amusement. That went over well during dinner with the family.
    Chief Archaeologist Letoll says: Shut yer yaps! I'm gonna bang on this drum and that's that!

    I point this out because the Researcher had 4 theories:

    1. The existence of Sand Gnomes.
    2. The notion that characters in WoW are not real and figments of some being's imagination.
    3. The 20th century
    4. Arthas's "cousin"'s skeleton was frozen beneath a glacier in Winterspring.

    1. Sand gnomes turned out to really exist.
    2. An absolutely true statement.
    3. The 20th century did exist and had plagues.
    4. ???????????

    Should we assume 4 is also true? If it is, what could it mean? It talks about Arthas' "cousin". Note the quotes. So not his REAL cousin, but some other relationship perhaps. Could it be Ner'Zhul? Could it be a second Lich King? Something else?

    But that researcher made 4 statements. 3 of them were correct. The 4th one pertaining to Arthas is still up in the air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    Pretty sure if you dig through blizzard blue posts to, a year or two ago, they stood firm with saying the level cap is going to hit 100 and thats it, presuming if they keep to that, were looking at either a huge expac after mop, that goes 90-100, or were looking at two expacs to 95 and 100

    My guess would be two expansions, when the 2nd one end raid is finished, thats when were going to start to see advertisement 12 months down the line for titan
    "100 is just a number". Good blue.

    It would not be in blizzard's best interest to admit to an end of WoW in its current state. Hence they have not done it, mind you saying "the end will be at 100" was an easier thing to let by when the current cap was 60. It's also unlikely that it will ever end as long as they make profit from it.

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    I'd like to see him return to help fight against the legion. That would be awesome!

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    I tend not to trust anything that died and came back to life, and when I saw him convince the other guy to give him the helm of the liche king I didn't once think that he was sacrificing himself for the betterment of us all, I saw him making a power grab. He told them to tell everyone the liche king is dead and Bolvar died with him because he needed time to 'hibernate' and collect the liche kings power. He may well return if the game goes on that long, if we are talking about 1 more expansion then no. If we are talking 2 then maybe, but 3 expansions and I would say definately.
    Exactly this! I don't trust it!

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    It's like the Firelord.

    The Lich King will return someday, same goes for the Fire Lord, it may not be Ragnaros but the dialogue after Rag Hc pretty much points at the fact that another powerful Elemental may take up Sulfuras (which still hangs around in Sulfuron Keep) and becomes the new Fire Lord.

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    If the Lich King was to return.. it would be Bolvar ala Lord of the Rings style if you get my drift. I do hope we get some minor references to Arthas and all that. Remind us of what these guys were.

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    I want to say "of course not, that wouldn't make any sense" but the concept of "There must always be a Lich King" after the multitude of quests where you were sent to kill the sentient Scourge commanders to render the remaining "mindless Scourge" a much smaller threat (yay contradictions in reasoning) they could have him come back as an Ascended Scourge with new demonic powers and resurrect Broxxigar after tricking Sargeras into thinking he was on his side and it wouldn't be even remotely unrealistic anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gurthag View Post
    The only reason we don't hear about the Lich King is because Bolvar has a very strong mind that can fight the Lich will, which Arthas couldn't. It is a question of time until it's broken and we see the best of the Lich King yet.

    Surely they won't repeat the same ideas in his return
    They would have too, as he's in Northrend.

    I can't wait for the LK to return and especially a more paladin friendly expansion, especially after 2 lackluster expansions, even one based off a April Fool's joke.

    You can guarantee if he returns and paladins can do something again (as it has been the most popular player class) WoW will have activity again.

    Oh, even better, a nice paladin tier set would be an even better bonus (the T10 is fabulous)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    I mean, why would Blizz go through the trouble of creating a reason for there always to be a Lich King if you didn't ever plan on revisiting the Lich King? Why didn't they just let Bolvar die and have us kill the LK and be done with it?
    The WoW story revolves around him as the source of evil. It's a simple concept to understand -- a central and powerful evil villain to conquer.

    It also ties into the Undead race, let alone gives Paladins a reason they were made to do...put all undead to rest, finally.

    It ties too much into the races and the landscape to just abandon his story.
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    I feel like they will pull a Tal Rasha with this one.

    (For those of you who don't know Tal Rasha was this guy in Diablo 2 who put Baal's soulstone into his body where he was intended to wrestle with Baal for all eternity but his brother Diablo freed him and Baal took over Tal Rasha's body)

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    Maybe he'll fly in on a reanimated Galakrond sometime and deal some major ownage.

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