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    New case

    Hey all, I was looking to get a new case for my build and I was currently weighing these 4:

    Looking to spend about $50 - $120 or so. Maybe a little higher. If you don't like any of these and you have a better suggestion, I'd love to hear it and why. I also like the red LEDs in the case since my keyboard has a red backlighting to it.
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    hi end White Carbide 500 $119
    mid end Carbide 300r with window $89
    low end Carbide 300 n window $65

    Those are what Id go with in your price range if I was buying, but if I had to chose from the ones you listed definately one of the Coolermasters probably the haf 922. I have an old school haf 932 ft and minus the usb ports i broke on front of it tripping on my headphone cable its been a pretty solid case with really good airflow.
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