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    [Balance]- BPT broken in 5.1?

    Did 5.1 break BPT (Balance Power Tracker?). I haven't spent much time trying to get it to work sicne 5.1 came out and it appears the last update was Nov 15th. I've had this happen before on the beta awhile ago just do to another add-on i was using not let it work correctly. Figured Id check here first to see if anyone else is still using this add-on in 5.1 or if it's actually broken for the time being.

    Eclipse bar plus is okay but i really want BPT back =(

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    Mine's working at the moment. What do you mean, specifically, about it being broken?

    Sometimes the arrow forgets which way it's supposed to be facing and it predicts in the wrong direction, but that was happening before. Is that what you mean?

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    no, when i have it enabled is just doesn't load and show up on my UI when i log on. But ok thanks, I guess one of my other add-ons is disrupting.

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    Just load out-of-date addons and it'll be fine. Mostly works ok for me.
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    After 5.1 I found that my BPT was toggled off from its menu. Just go to modules and check the "Eclipse bar" box.
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    ah, you were right Alzu. It wasn't showing up in my add-on list in my interface so i figured it was disabled/broken. Just had to type the chat command to get into the options and turn it back on.


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    A bit off off topic, but installing Skada made my BPT turn green. God knows why and how, all my settings are the way they've always been. Anyone else have this "issue"? I mean it doesn't affect my gameplay but it looks odd.

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    Quote from the author of BPT

    Tomorrow ends my subscription, and looking back and checking the time I played MoP, I'm not going to renew it.
    I'll try to maintain BPT while I have access to the PTR, but someday, I'll be cut off.
    Maybe in the future I'll return (there's a high chance this will happen), and that's why I'm not going to give away this project, but, if you want to fix/continue with it, it's released under LGPL3 for that very reason.
    So, thank you all!
    And see you around.

    PS There're so many features I wanted to program, like a SS adviser with Hamlet's values, and others left in the scratchpad, I apologize.

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