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    Gaming Computer for Under $1200

    As per the title, looking for a gaming computer for under $1200 ($1300 max) with parts that are available from stores in Western Australia (had issues with newegg last time I purchased with them)

    (Main stores in wa are
    www .austin.net.au/ (without dot at start)
    www .ple.com.au/
    www .msy.com.au/index.jsp

    If it could contain a GTX 670 and a 3770K at this price it would be great

    Budget $1300 max
    Resolution 1920x1080
    Any other intensive software or special things you do (Frequent video encoding, 3D modeling, etc) - Streaming
    Country- Australia
    Parts that can be reused -None
    Do you need an OS? Yes
    Do you need peripherals (e.g. monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc)? No

    This is what I had, but i need to cut $200 or so off it
    SSD – Vertex 4 128g - $124.00
    Power Supply – Corsair 750tx - $159.00
    CPU – 3770K Intel - $343.00
    Case- CoolerMaster HAF 912 - $109
    Motherboard – ASUS P8Z77-V-LK - $139
    RAM - G.Skill 8G Kit Ripjaws 1600mhz - $59
    Graphics Card – GTX 670 - $445.00
    HDD – Black Caviar 1TB - $115
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemmiwink View Post
    Easy, downgrade to 3570K and take a smaller PSU. Maybe switch your MB for the ASRock one
    This. If you're just gaming, then a 3570k will be more than enough. You're not going to notice any beneficial gain from having the 3770k.

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