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    Balance Help

    Sup guys. I need some help with some of these HoF fights. I'm obviously a balance druid, and in these WoL am the ONLY druid, Voodood, so if you wonder which toon I'm asking about - it's him, k. Anyways. I can't seem to get a good amount of damage on these fights because of the movement. If it's any important information, this is my first week raiding as a laser chicken and would actually like to main it, it's pretty fun. My iLvl is 474, and my dps should be between 50-70k. As a side note, we did NOT have bloodlust, stormlash, or mage brilliance buff.

    To the heart of this post tho, what should I do on Garalon? I'm a kiter. I dot everything I can with the eclipsed dot while proceeding to do my single target rotation on the nearest leg. We're not meeting the enrage by about 9mil hp, and I know I can cough that out. What's hard is dpsing while I'm kiting. I pick it up about 2 or 3 times, I don't necessarily remember. But any tips?

    And Vizier, wth do I do to maintain a high DPS? I was stuck at 60k even with my burst cds. I take it because of the constant moving during Attenuation as well as the platform switching, but that did not stop our mDPS as much as it killed my own dps. I understand that most of them can just hit the boss while they go in a circle, but what can I do to improve this?

    If any of these answers have been addressed, please just let me know and I'll proceed to read those posts.

    WoL: worldoflogs(dot)com/reports/rt-79928t1em83p6rmo/

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    First off, I am very sorry you don't have Bloodlust or Arcane Brilliance... You should probably change up your raid comp.

    I am also part of my guild's pheromone rotation. Movement DPS just isn't very good for us, especially on Garalon. I'll let you in on how my guild deals with it.

    Our player rotation for pheromone debuff: Healer, RDPS, RDPS, RDPS.

    Our strategy is to pop Bloodlust after the healer pulls and starts w/ the pheromone debuff. The reason we have the healer start is because the raid damage won't be so bad in the beginning and also because this allows every single DPS to blow the shit out of the 4 legs and the boss with Bloodlust up. It gives us a nice head start. From there on, the rotation is pretty much basic. When it is my turn to control the pheromone debuff, I DoT anything in range of course, and only cast one spell per pheromone pool drop. (Cast - strafe - cast - strafe - repeat until hand off.) Spam your eclipsed DoT if you have to move a longer distance. It's the best way to maximize DPS while being part of the rotation.. The encounter ends during my 2nd time with pheromones. Everyone handles it twice except the last person in the rotation.

    Good luck!

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    Get your hunter to pick up a core hound and voila there is your bloodlust. Bad hunter tbh.

    When I check your Vizier logs I see that you only used ur cd's twice while you couldve used it 3 times easily. Also you seem to super slow on your rotation you need to be faster! I have a 5 minute kill of my self where I casted as much starfire's and wraths as you did in 7:30 minutes. Same problem on Blade lord, you need to get more casts out! For garalon its about the same story it seems, you need to get through your eclipse cycles faster. More casting less w/e you are doing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeri2 View Post
    More casting less w/e you are doing!
    What this guy said. He knows his shit.

    OH HAI

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    We actually changed up our comp for this upcoming week. The newer player in the raid is actually going to be doing the kiting instread of myself. we got a mage in to give us TW and the SP buff. I recommended we get an Elemental or Resto Shaman but my raid lead thought differently. Like I mentioned, this was my first week raiding as a Boomkin so I was really just working up experience to the encounters. I'll cast some more stuff. I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I pretty much just make sure I always have something in the spell que. But I am switching from Afflic Lock to Lazer Chicken. Thanks for the tips.

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