Thread: Elegon bugged?

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    Elegon bugged?

    So, last night my guild, after finishing with our heart of fear progress for the week, went in to MSV for a quick clear. Everything was fine until Elegon.

    First attempt: during the second phase 1 the celestial protector stopped receiving the damage debuff and took virtually no damage. He then became intermittently untargetable. Eventually, after still being at 65% health or so, he Total Annihilated and wiped us(since we couldn't kill him he was up during the second orb phase and we were on the platform killing orbs.)
    Second attempt: Got a celestial protector down to 1 health and he refused to die. He total Annihilated, and stayed alive. So, tanking Elegon and the unkillable celestial protector an additional celestial protector came out. He seemed to have no aggro table, aggroing to the tank on Elegon 3 times, despite being taunted by the other tank. Eventually wiped due to tank damage as the unkillable celestial protector plus excessive stacks due to the weird aggro on the second protector plus breath.

    Called it a night after that, since this happened twice in a row, where something went wrong with the protectors.

    Anyone else having some issues on this fight since the patch?

    Specifically bugs, the fight isnt' harder, it's bugged, or was for us.

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    In LFR right now, the protector has the 90% damage reduction the entire time, even when it first pops up. Dragging it out and back in doesn't help either. It just has it the entire time. Very annoying.

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    Yeah, we were doing an alt raid yesterday and had the same problems. Once the protector spawned with the reduced dmg taken and didn't start to take dmg until he dropped below 20% and 2-3 times he stopped casting his Total Annihilation and stayed at 1 hp the rest of the fight just melee'ing whoever had aggro.

    What we found out is that if something happens which forcibly moves him or the raid during his cast he stops casting and just stays at 1 hp, this happened both when a DK gripped him just as he started casting and when a tank died just as he started casting and everyone got gripped to Elegon. Realistically you can probably do the entire fight with the protector just just melee'ing the tank, it makes it harder but should still be doable.

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    In LFR today for me he started his last phase at around 60% health left and during this phase he started phase 2 and 3 aswell causing a wipe, second try however he seamed fine

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    I did LFR MSV this morning and Elegon acted no differently than he usually does.
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    Just had two more bugs. Once the pillars were all down, the floor wouldn't pop up and he was immune. Though that has happened before 5.1, The other bug was once the pillars were down, phase 2 started again asap. So the orbs came out and not at 50%. The stranger thing was that the floor didn't pop up, so melee couldn't attack them. lol.

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