Thread: Ele is ruined

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    Ele is ruined

    No point playing ele anymore in pvp after pvp power nerf and after then put totem into a spell casting system. that´s ridicilous. they took all what was left from ele´s surviability. srsly..

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    All you bring to a team is thunderstorm, which isn't really alot better than typhoon/all the other knockbacks every1 else has.

    You have decent burst aswell, if you aren't being trained, but it's still not worth enough since its so easy to sit on an elemental.

    they need something like blink/movement spell or a lifesaver like ice block, but don't give it to resto shamans.

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    u got perma beat up in the face before the nerf, and now u cant even cast totems while beeing locked out, or heal for quite a bit when u manage to get 1 cast in 10 seks. YAY WE LOVE.

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    It's also just ridicolous that both of the nerfs elementals indirectly got weren't really ment for them, the offhealing done wasn't amazing, it was shit compared to shadow priests, and the totems got nerfed because of resto shamans being OP, not because of elementals.

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    Ele is the worst class for pvp. U cant do shit against melees that nuke you 24/7. One Kickback (every melee has atleast 1 charge/blink/whatever) is completly useless theres no way to get away. Root from totem?Good joke,maybe after the 4th they dont have any cd left to clear it.Stun Totem?3/5 sek delay, very "hard" to dodge.... and lets not start to talk about all the other problems ele shamans have (1 cc with 35 sec cd, no good defensive cds, no dmg without flameshock.......).

    But i guess someone whined about ele shaman nuking him to death with ascendenz while everybody ignores him.

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    We don't need threads just to complain. If you want to discuss the specific changes, there are already active threads on those.

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