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    I don't really see the sense in doing that.
    I mean, I waste 20 minutes in a queue. A 2/3 pops, I join. I kill the boss, then I sit another 20+ minutes to get a 0/3. I go in, kill the two bosses and leave, like half the raid.
    I saved a doomed raid just to throw in the garbage another 20 minutes of my life and doomed a second group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysticx View Post
    Maybe, i'm the kind of guy who will finish what he starts, but to do bosses twice in the current LFR-climate is too much for me, especially since the fights take so bloody long, so when i'm put into a 2/3 raid, i'll finish it, requeue and in the second raid leave at 2/3 myself, it's neither fun nor rewarding enough to do LFR-bosses twice a week (Ooh, i can get told what i could have won if i hadn't done the boss already, like a kick in the 'nads for toughing it out!), Blizz could buff the reward-bag for the final boss or something to make finishing raids more rewarding, since the current system is 100% about passing the problem on to the next guy...
    I would leave a 2nd 2/3 run as well. Except I've never gotten one. And I did about 5 LFRs a week in DS, and am currently doing 3 in T14.

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    I don't know what the complainers are going on about. The whole system is working a whole lot smoother. When you're in a run, you pick up people faster. Because more people are joining raids at 2/3 rather than requeuing, I'm getting a lot more fresh runs at the first pop. I would say the whole thing is fantastic.

    Yes, you have to queue for the same raid segment twice most of the time for a full clear, but you had to do that anyway unless you spam queued to get a fresh run before.

    At some point you're just going to have to face up to the fact that you have to help partial raids finish in order for the whole system to work. You cannot all start from fresh runs and still be permitted to leave a raid half way through. You would be a hell of a lot more upset if 50% of LFRs never finished because you couldn't pick up players half way through.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    This issue was caused by 2 things:
    1) People needing to kill early bosses for achivements
    2) People needing to kill early bosses for gear

    As a result, after declining a 2/3, and requeuing, you could be offered a 2/3 again. I clicked NO the first time! Why? Because I need loot from bosses 1 and 2! Guess what i'll be clicking the NEXT 10 times I'm asked. I need loot from those first 2 bosses, so i'll be queuing again. And again. And again, until I get 0/3. "forcing" people to join won't fix this - they'll just leave as soon as they join. (even with a deserter debuff)

    However, this issue will fix itself in a few weeks anyway, with or without this change. Why? Because no-one will need those achives anymore, and the gear they're missing they'll just buy with VP. For the most part, VP gear is better that LFR, but there are a few gaps you need to fill - most importantly, Tier loot and Weapons. Which mostly drop off end bosses anyway. So, everyone will suddenly only WANT 2/3 clears as the other bosses drop nothing of use.

    And after a few weeks, people will ONLY want to cap VP, in the fastest manner possible (to upgrade their gear).
    So the new problem will be that LFR bosses take too long to kill in compaison to 5 mans, especially given the length of queues. Healers, at least, aren't going to want to clear 5 LFRs each week if they can grab a few good dps and faceroll some 5mans. And tanks REALLY aren't - the queues for tanks in LFR are huge, whereas on 5man it's instant.

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    People don't care about the deserter buff. They will take the hit and leave if they want a fresh run. It's pretty simple.

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    it's a fail..

    they should have added a option that u could click so you would only accept a fresh run, not only last boss.

    this isnt fixing anything at all, I want a fresh run, I get in.. wtf?.. last boss.. see ya.. im gone,, now i have a debuff and have to wait to be able to do lfr
    so basicly a new group is going to take forever to be made as so many are already with the buff after leaving that failure group on last boss.. waiting times just got longer for everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Porcell View Post
    Do you have anything to back up this statement? Because the blue post said that if you queue for an in-progress raid, the next time you queue you will almost assuredly get a fresh queue. This was a change they made in conjunction with the removal of the Boss Counter. If you get a partial, your next one WILL be a fresh one.
    Blue: It's not an absolute guarantee, but pretty close to one.

    Also, ive gotten FOUR 2/3 down in a row

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncanîdaho View Post
    I just have no urge to start a raid from the middle or the end. My motivation just evaporates. It's like if we had raid finder in ICC and got in and killed LK before we did any of the other bosses. It just doesn't feel right to me. As a player who has always stayed for all three bosses once I do get a fresh one no matter if I need gear or not, I feel like I'm getting punished for stuff other people abused right now. If people would just be nice and stay for all three bosses, we would not even have this problem. To much to ask from most people I guess though.
    If i didnt have to solo all adds on will of the emperor(after saying: ALL dps kill adds), maybe i would have stayed when we wiped the 3rd time...
    If half the raid didnt fall to their death on 2nd try on elegon after getting tactics told 5 times before pull, then 5 times before 2nd pull, AND the raidwarning "GTFO OR DIE!!!!", maybe i would have stayed....

    This isnt about people not being nice, its about people not bothering to solo current content(yes, yes, easymode... its still current content and way too hard to solo) just because the game puts them in a group with 24 retarded monkeys
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    Just because Mannoroth and Archimonde are involved doesn't mean it's Legion. They could just be on vacation, demolishing Draenor to build their new summer home.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    Did you know that salt has sodium and chlorine in it!!!! Sodium explodes when exposed to atmosphere and you clean your toilets with chlorine!!

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    As far as my experience goes is that several people here are BS'ing or I'm the luckiest guy as far as queueing goes. Whevener I enter a run in progress and finished it, then I would get a fresh run the next time I queued, every single time...
    I know the blue post also mentioned that is was not 100% but so far it has been for me and a few guildies too... so I'm finding it hard to believe so many people would experience the opposite. The reason it's not working for some people may be due to the fact that they abandoned the partially completed run anyway and accepting the 30 minute deserter debuff and then try again. I don't know, all I can say is that the runs I completed partially would start me fresh when I queued again... so it might be that completing a partial run sets a flag where abandoning a raid does not...

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    Or one could just not do LFR at all.. Ask youreself if you really wanna go trough that crap for just some items thats outdated inn likely 5.3
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    Well if the title "Removing LFR Remaining Bosses Counter does nothing LOL" is right then they can leave it as it is now anyway, no need to go back to a situation where it wasn't good either...

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    This solves nothing.

    I did all 5 LFRs on my DK tank this Saturday. Queue as a tank is 30-40 mins and i was lucky i got only one 1/3 HoF run. I started QQing in "Why didn't i get warned it's not a fresh run", people started white knighting and explaining things i had read on the blue tracker. I kept QQing till we finished the run and re-Queued. After 30 mins i got in a fresh run killed first boss and after left...

    Next tank will get in my position. It's a endless cycle of screwing over the next guy... it solves nothing

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