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    carbuncle definetly for single target.

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    Thanks for the replies so far, my question however was CCCC or Lei Shen's Final Orders LFR? I am already using carbuncle as the other trinket, it stays for now until I get my hands on the VP one from the new dailies (It says it's better for TG than relic of Xuen)

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    LFR Lei-Shen by a large margin, its uptime is about twice that of CCCC. Just reforge the haste to crit of course ;p

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    What about Zen Alchemist Stone (reforged haste to crit ofc) comparing to Carbonic?

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    On my warrior I currently have lei shin (normal version) and relic of xuen as both my trinkets. neither have been upgraded

    my carbonic carbuncle has been upgraded and it gives 3649 crit.
    as an arms warrior would it be worth replacing the relic with carbonic on single target fights?

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