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    Guardian Trinkets Question

    What are some good non-stam trinkets to look for and keep around as a crit heavy guardian? I've picked up a couple like Searing Words and RF Bottle of Infinite stars and I have a tiger deck in my possession, but I was wondering what were the actual best ones to use.

    Another related question: Vial of Dragon's Blood or Bottle of Infinite Stars?

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    Assuming that you're reforging the static mastery on each to crit, and I believe they both have a 15% chance to proc with a 45 sec ICD.

    I really wish we could find a set-in-stone stat weights but each site is different. Unfortunately this expansion is such a huge gear shift for druid tanks since forever that I guess everyone's math is different. BUT some of them are close sooo from what I've found:

    Around 1300 agility will give you approximately 1% dodge (a little under) and 1% crit (a little over)
    and around 885 dodge rating will give you 1% dodge.

    So Vial will give you 3236 dodge/885 or 3.66% dodge for 20 sec
    and Bottle will give you 3236 agi/1300 or about 2.5% of both dodge and crit.

    That's from both the 489 versions of the trinkets. For the LFR versions it's 3.24% dodge from Vial and 2.2% on dodge and crit from Bottle. I'd go Bottle. Give me crit or give me death! I pretty much still consider agi above dodge on everything except gems (where dodge gets 2x the amount but still gemming crit).

    Relic of Xuen is 956 static agi (.74% dodge and crit) with a chance to proc 3027 agi (2.33% dodge and crit) so not better than bottle.
    Terror of the Mists from what I've read is like carrying around an extra 1000 crit or so, so that one would be my first pick.

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