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    HoF Blade Lord Phase 2

    Hi guys,

    My guild recently finished MV and moved into HoF yesterday, we destroyed grand vizier but are having troubles keeping people alive in phase 2 of blade lord.

    Here are our logs from last night and our 8 pulls on blade lord.

    We are considering using the 11% mechanic where people jump in the streams and get to the other side of the room real quick, is this how most guilds do this? Healing while running through tornadoes is very difficult.


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    We are in the same boat as you, 1/6HOF. Were goign to try the trick you describe this week. Note that he changes at ends of the rooms at 10.5%. So everyoen but say a tank and healer could start running at 12%. Using the sides for a speed buff.

    Also, save more def CDS for the second run. We're trying to get everyoen healed up and speed boast at 20%, then at 10% have everyone pop bubbles, eat lock candy, whatever each of us have to help the healers. The first wave seems to be a lot eaiser for us, the second wave so much damage is going out that you need to be prepared.

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    We have everyone in the raid stop dps at 12% and run in the stream to get to the other side except a rogue, who can sprint + cloak to get there, and we throw a couple hots on him before we leave + he has recuperate. We keep him on the boss until then.

    Usually the boss arrives at the other side right after we do. 11% is too late. Gotta go at 12.
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    A few things that may help:
    • Spirit Shell the raid just before 20% so you'll land with full HP.
    • Stampeding Roar once you get dropped off. Healers should continue healing. Make sure your Shaman has the Riptide Glyph so he's not useless while moving.
    • Do the slipstream trick at ~12%. Either leave someone that can survive on their own for awhile and get to the other side quick or just let DoTs do it.
    • Utilize your raid CDs and personal CDs. Your pally can double BoP your casters. Your Rogue should roll Feint while running. Your Hunters can Deterrence while running. Etc., etc.; you have a lot you can do to reduce damage.

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    How do warlock portals (the big click me and be whisked away) play on this fight? I know it only carries 5 people, but think it could be useful for people who're bad at dodging whirlwinds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    How do warlock portals (the big click me and be whisked away) play on this fight? I know it only carries 5 people, but think it could be useful for people who're bad at dodging whirlwinds.
    You can use one as long as it doesn't despawn (supposedly fixed this patch). You can't portal from end to end; its range is only about half the gauntlet. You'll want to place one end against a wall so you don't come out on top of a tornado. I don't find it that useful; spreading the raid out is generally bad and if people pay too much attention to using the portal, they can easily get tornado'd.

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    Looks like you are 2 healing it, have you tried 3? The enrage isn't very tight on Blade Lord as it seems the fight is more designed around 3 healing it. When my guild went through on normal (cleared the first week) we 3 healed everything except Garalon and Amber Shaper.

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    Hey! We 2 heal this fight. We never used the slip stream til this week. It works amazing. You can just leave a tank there and the rest jump in and go. When I run, I run half way heroic leap as much as I can and charge the rest to the boss. You can leap through tornados!! Lol if your curious how we do it check out our kill vids shiinjiwow on YouTube . We just did a hard progress push this week and still going and will start HM MSV tmrw!

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    Hey, I'm a disc priest, and your priest could be doing A LOT more healing with SPIRIT SHELL. Spirit shell should be his top 3 heals ALWAYSSSSSS. This will greatlyyy reduce raid damage during phase 2 making healing easy. Let him know to use it right before unseen strike and also on the second phase whenever it's off CD (preferably when everyone is grouped).

    Edit: we 3 heal this no problem as well

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    I'm having problems with P2 of this phase, our attempts are with 2 healers only and P1 is generally ok, on P2 I feel like I'm really letting the side down.

    Should we be 3 man healing this? I can get to the platform no problem if I don't concentrate on healing, but after our raid is topped up, the majority seem to die before we get to the platform.

    I've only been in twice (many attempts), first time me and a pally, second time me and a druid. The druid puts symbiosis on me and get Spirit Walkers Grace, I use all my cd's at this stage and we still cannot seem to get everyone to the other end.

    I'm starting to doubt myself, but maybe if I could get my cd's in a different order we might do better. currently I use Riptide Glyph for this fight and tonight I'm going to try with Totem projection as well.

    this is my cd usage - Instant Healing rain, as may Riptides as I can, when I'm about half way up I use Ascendance, Spiritwalker's Grace with healing stream totem and chain heal, then at 3/4 of the way up I use healing tide totem.

    Just doesn't seem to be enough.

    logs for our best attempt

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    The only cooldowns we used on Heroic were Spirit Shell right before 20%, then SWG+Tranq on the way there. Shaman are especially bad mobile healers, but it shouldn't be a big deal on normal. You're doing something else wrong. Since the people that die appear to just receive no healing before dying, they're most likely getting tornado'd.

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    you should really try to 3-heal that.

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    What people are trying to say is that the enrage timer stacks slow in phase 1. So you can take 3 healers, stop dps at 12% and run to the other side apart from 1 tank / dps with defensives. This will give you a huge dps boost in phase two and you will kill it no problem.

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    just keep your strongest 2 dps alive with a healer and 3man the last 10%

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    We're usually 2 healing this (our dps'ers aren't that great in general) and we're using rshaman + rdruid. Usually we do it like this from my perspective: top everyone before 20%, when we land to the other side and are low I drop healing stream totem at the start and start riptiding almost everyone. Midway the gauntlet I'm dropping Healing Tide to prevent people from dying. At 10% midway the run back I pop Ascendance + spiritwalk and start healing surging/waving/chain healing peeps. We've never tried that tornado trick, have to suggest it to my co-raid leader and see what he says. Doing 10mans, if you're wondering.
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    We changed half way through to 3 healers and downed him on our 2nd try.

    Garalon kicked our ass though!

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    You should just leave your tanks there when you switch. Our group immediately switches at 11%, with everybody but the tanks going into the slipstream. We have a blood DK and bear druid, both of which can keep themselves alive for long enough to switch him. Make sure you don't get hit by a tornado as he's switching, or you're probably gonna die.

    EDIT: You should also probably 2-heal this fight. The longer phase 1 goes on, the more Intensify stacks he builds up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Static Transit View Post
    EDIT: You should also probably 2-heal this fight. The longer phase 1 goes on, the more Intensify stacks he builds up.
    Intensify builds so much faster in p2 that p1 DPS is irrelevant outside of hard enrage. You should 2 heal to shorten p2 and because 2 healers should be more than enough.

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    Sorry I didnt mean ride tornado just wanted to clarify. If you have a disc priest with spirit shell can keep you up while running or when p2 starts. At 12% leave the 2 tanks at the boss and everyone run on the side where you see the wind going. Once the 2 tanks get it to 10 you will see boss at the other side while you guys are there. It works so much better! We use 2 healers.

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    Why would you three heal this fight? There's like nothing for healers to do in P1, so you're just shooting yourself in the foot right off the bat...

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