About the Guild
One Spot is a mature, progression oriented raiding guild currently located on Darksorrow-EU

Our primary focus is raiding endgame content at a competitive level and being one of the top guild on the server while doing so. Over the years we have developed a highly skilled and motivated raid team which we are always looking to build upon, we do however like to promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere while we raid.

Raid Times
We have progression raids 4 times a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday which are from 20:00 - 00:00 Server time. Attendance is expected for all days during progression.

When content is on farm we usually drop down to 2 days per week (Wednesday and Monday) but this is subject to change.

The trial period is usually 2-3 weeks, loot is distributed using loot-council.

Class Requirements
We are always on the lookout for exceptional players no matter the class. Currently we are looking for:


Current Heroic Progress (6/6hc 5/6hc)

Amber Shaper heroic - Realm 1st
Wind Lord heroic - Realm 1st
Garalon heroic- Realm 2nd
Blade Lord heroic - Realm 2nd
Imperial Vizier heroic - Realm 2nd

WOE heroic - Realm 2nd
Elegon heroic - Realm 1st
Spirit Kings heroic - Realm 2nd
Gara'jal heroic
Feng heroic - Realm 2nd
Stoneguard heroic - Realm 2nd

Progress in Tier 13 Cataclysm
Morchok Heroic - Realm 1st (EU: 16th)
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping Heroic - Realm 1st (World: 38rd, EU: 26nd)
Warlord Heroic - Realm 2nd (World: 143rd, EU: 93rd)
Hagara Heroic - Realm 2nd
Ultraxion Heroic - Realm 2nd (EU: 92nd)
Warmaster Heroic - Realm 1st
Spine - Realm 1st
Madness of Deathwing - Realm 1st

More Information
If interested in finding out more about us, please visit our website at one-spot.net
Or contact Jem, Elerion, Ellirona or Mimy in game.

Thanks for reading!