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    Blood 4 set worth it?

    Hi ppl,

    I'm wondering if it's worth going for 4 set bonus over the crafted chest+gloves and galleon helm (don't have it but a man can dream). the crafted items seem to have much better itemisation than the tier pieces.

    (4) Set: Increases the healing received from your Death Strike by 10%.

    which would also mean a 10% buff to your blood shield, i havn't done the math but i don't think the extra mastery on the nontier items, althought well itemised, don't give mastery equivalent to a 10% gain.

    i'm wearing tier legs+shoulders, garalon helm & crafted gloves. got a tier chest token this week, so just wondering whether to spend it on tier chest or go for the blacksmithing crafted chest.
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    It's worth it. the extra raw heals on DS alone are great for burst recovery.

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    I am planning on using it, simply because 10% bonus, with my current set up, even with stam trinkets, is equivalent to 1.4k extra mastery, which more than makes up for the loss of mastery from not using crafted chest or galleon helm. (I am using crafted 496 gloves as my off piece.)

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    The 4pc bonus is extremely strong, unless you gimp your mastery or ilvl by ridiculous amounts it's deffo worth it.

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    of course it's worth it, 20% extra heals with death strike is huge. Especially when your mastery scales off how much you heal with death strike.

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    Defs worth it , 10% larger absorbs from blood shield

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    from what ive read its about a 22% increase to heal and bloodshield through 5 scent of blood procs.

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