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    Horde/Alliance Supremacy - Karasang Wilds PvP

    Thought I'd post this here in case someone has more insight on the subject:

    I've opened a ticket or two about this myself and got more or less half assed responses from GMs. One of them actually told me that the reason alliance guards had 3million HP and ours only had 89k was because they are upgrading their towers, not suprisingly enough he also assumed their gryphons were a buff and we should check the vendors.

    If anyone can help on the issue it would be much appreciated, but as for my opinion - Revenge of Tenacity.
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    i was also wondering about this. alliance had +23% damage, horde had +3% damage this afternoon while i was trying to do the dallies.

    the population in the zone was pretty balanced and everyone was running around trying to do the objectives. the alliance guards had HP in the millions while the horde guards had around 75k.

    i would like to at least know what the buff is connected to other then tower control because its obviously not just that.
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