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    Shadowpriest worth switching to?

    Hello i have a priest which used to be my main and havent played in a long time.but before i make him my main and race change him.i need to ask how well are shadowpriest performing in raids both single target and multitarget.

    I love shadowpriest as they are a fun class,i have been checking out what to make as my main caster and hunter now seems boring now they gutted their abilities,mage seem boring just spamming icelance.

    Now i see shadowpriest are nearly the same as before. Now this is my only hope left to play as a ranged.
    Please help and if anyone played the beta upto the end please post some comments and links to some vids of you playing your priest.

    Thank you.

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    shadow priest is def more fun than mage they just fare poorly vs melee especially when alone.

    For pvp im talking about, Spriest is quite frail, mages will have a larger variety of comps available to them and probably be Higher Tier and more widely played than shadow (Frost Mage)

    I cannot decide between Priest or mage to boost if I were to buy WOD.

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    Unless you're trying to get world firsts, DPS's performance compared to other DPS doesn't really matter very much. Things are relatively balanced.

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    im not heavily into the pvp side i just want a character to main for raids and general having fun and i see shadowpriest have the fun factor BUT i dont know about their damage last time i played my priest was in cata and she was fairly good. so im asking for everyones advice

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    Well fire mage is still the only "fun" spec left of mage since frost mage has become retarded since 2006 and arcane is ....arcane

    Spriest seems more interesting with the two style gameplay offered at lvl 100

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    As for every single thread like this, the answer is the same, try it and play it if it's fun.

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    Some love it, some hate it. If you're thinking of PvPing much just consider this fair warning; you will be the kill target always and forever. If you don't like really using your hybrid skills and escape abilities, you may want to go with a different caster.

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