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    Disposable heros- US-Shu'halo- LFM 10 man raid

    Disposable Heros is an established level 25 guild on US-Shu'halo. and is thriving today. We are comprised of all kinds of players, some progression oriented and some casual.

    We are currently recruiting for a late night 10 man RAID progression group. Looking to recruit more skilled players to get this group going. This will be a newly formed group of raiders looking to grow as a group and progress through 10-man RAIDS.

    Currently seeking skilled players of all classes/rolls.

    As this will be a new group of people raid times are being discussed at the moment and we are looking at: Sat 9pm-12am Eastern Standard Time .This schedule is subject to change

    Basic information:

    Guild Website: Disposable Heros
    Guild Level: 25
    Server time: Eastern standard time
    Server name: US-Shu'halo
    Faction: Alliance
    Loot method: SKG Loot
    Gm: Aquilusumbra

    Raid Schedule

    The current raid schedule is Sat Nights 9:00 Est

    Recruiting Needs

    All exceptional players.

    Regardless if your a rookie at Raiding or an experienced player Disposable Heros might be the place for you. If interested in joining a new 10 man Raiding team, fill out guild application at : Disposable Heros

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