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    Looking for name of old FPS

    Im looking for the name of an old FPS game:

    - Old PC game - 90's or possibly early 00's
    - Single player
    - Campaign levels were based around capturing the enemy base in a team on team match
    - Multiple ground Vehicles similar to Battlefield 2/3 such as a fast Buggy used to run people over and slightly larger slower vehicles with guns etc
    - Multiple weapons that you could find in the level like any Deathmatch sort of game
    - One team was red and one team was blue
    - You could switch between the red and blue team during the campaign which would make certain levels easier because you would start at the other base.
    - The setting was just some humans with some guns.

    No its not Unreal Tournament :P

    Thanks for the help in advance :P

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    The only thing that comes to my mind is the original Tribes, but it's not what I'd call single player and I guess you would have mentioned jet packs.

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    Only thing that comes to my mind due to mentioning blue/red teams + vehicles (and released in 2001) is 'Halo: Combat Evolved'. But think that teamplay was multiplayer so probably not the game you're looking for.

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