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    [Fire] Any comment from Blizzard to the new fire hotfix?


    so like many mages i've read yesterday the hotfix, expecting nothing special when WOOT? O.O

    I admit, as a fire mage i did a lot of dmg in some fight comparde to other classes even when i was lower ilvl.
    Since i have missed the start of MoP i struggled gehind on gear since then. So i pushed really hard to gear up.
    I did all the dailies every day, i farmed hcs and ofc lfr and Sha every week. So now after i hit ilvl 480 (im not very lucky with loot...)
    and i have spent shitloads of vps for my crit gear and i finally feel like my gear is getting somewhere, i see this hotfix.

    So there is 3 options:

    1.I did that all for nothing, fire will be way more RNG, boring and do not competitive dps
    2.Fire will be still competitive, but more RNG and boring
    3.I have to go frost what destroys all my efforts im putting into the game for the last weeks/months

    I mean maybe i missed something, i read blueposts every day. I didnt see that comming at all.

    Did Blizzard made any comment on this "In your face-Ninja-Nerf" yet?

    We all pay for the game so i expect some information and fairness

    A disapointed Vanilla mage

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    They probably didn't want certain specs to cheese certain mechanics (i.e. Fire with Combustion), you shouldn't be able to do THAT much damage with one ability, or be required to play a certain spec just for specific fights. Think back to DS, if you didn't play Fire on Yor'sahj you were doing it wrong.

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    There is a dedicated thread for the Hotfixes where we also mentioned Ghostcrawler's tweets on this issue. Please search that thread or the official US Mage forums.

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