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    Enh PvP reforging

    Just wondering whether its worth reforging? and what to reforge if so? I'm new to shaman in general, I stepped away from my druid main for the first time in over 4 years.

    I've already got the required hit and expertise for PvP

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    I would suggest you to reforge to mastery>crit>haste for pvp for the extra dmg during your burst while Ascendance because storm strike turns into nature dmg and your auto attacks also which will have their dmg increased by mastery.

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    dont bother with expertise,when you get the pvp weapons arround 4% expertise is okay

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    mastery for the burst. haste is your next best stat.

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    okay thanks, I'd get the PvP weapons sooner if I could but no one wants to do arena with someone who hasn't done any arena since early wrath ):

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