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    WTB a professional looking logo for website with d3 gold (hc or sc side - NA servers)

    Hi, I am looking to start my own website and I am looking for help designing a logo. I am not very artistic, but I will include a horrible rough draft made in 2 minutes with MS paint. I would like for my crap drawing to be the inspiration of the logo you make for me. You are welcome to add twists you feel make the logo better, as long as the concept is the same.

    The concept above is a little green man (robot/alienish but not ET shit or tin man from Oz type extremes. Sorta in the middle?) with two shopping bags. I would like the bags to contain something related to grocery shopping sticking out such as bread. Please do not use plastic bags as the bags actually used in RL will be reusable bags that are considered "Go Green."

    I hope you got a good laugh from my l33t MS paint skills, and can help with this project. If you are interested, please post imgur.com image links so I can save the picture.

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    Most of our graphic designers lurk within this thread OP


    You can request it here and I'm sure someone will take your offer.

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    We don't allow buying or selling (with in-game or out-of-game objects/currency) on this forum.

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