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    [A] Dark Resolve Kj recruiting for group 2

    Hey all!

    Dark Resolve is currently recruiting a dk/war tank and a ranged dps (mage/priest preferred) for it's second core group! Currently we're only 4/6 in MV as we've had some troubles with attendance and people not listening in raid. Those issues have been dealt with. Right now we want YOU to join us! We're looking for raiders with experience (not necessarily in MV though that helps) on a raid team, knows his (or her ) class, and doesn't have problems with progression raiding. Currently we raid Tues, Thurs, Sat, 8-11pm server.

    We're a fun laid back group with a great sense of humor. We want progression but we're not hardcore. That being said, we also don't want someone who's can't correct mistakes when they're made. One or two wipes because of an error is one thing, but if it happens repeatedly it's an issue and we don't want that. We have had trouble with such people and they were replaced! If you can listen, follow direction, and feel comfortable talking in vent send Vaskura punkuup5150#1350 btag or  Ìshtàr (just copy and paste (also Ishtar#1786 btag) ) an in game tell!

    Aside from our raid team, our guild does have a lot to offer. Our main core group is currently third on the server! We have many experienced raiders in guild always willing to answer questions and help out. Likewise we have many people knowledgeable about their class, and the other various classes in game; should you have a question someone is usually always around to help! Sound like something you wanna be apart of? Great! Let us hear from you!
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    still looking for quality players to help fill our raid spots please hit me up we need you!

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    found a possible tank and 2 heals trying them out tonight. still looking for ranged dps and still takeing on all quality raiders thanks-

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