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    <Reminiscence> Andorhal // Lvl. 70 BC Raiding Guild // Pre-Recruiting

    Greetings all of MMO-Champion. My name is Grubs. Fellow druid and hunter. I was discussing my love for burning crusade with other guildies last night and decided that I wanted to begin a level 70 Burning Crusade raiding guild. Knowing very well that a lot of people would like to join me, I felt it would be a good idea to post.

    We will start from the beginning of 25 Man progression. And progress like any raiding guild. However there are a couple of rules.

    -Death Knights will not be allowed.
    -You may not use gear from northrend starting quests or areas
    -Professions may only be leveled to 375
    -Pandaren are allowed, however they can only be an old world class
    -*edit* Troll druids will be allowed as they are an old world class

    Applications are not necessary. Just a love for BC and some relatively competent knowledge of Burning Crusade progression. We are on Andorhal so you will have to server xfer as we will not come to you. But we will treat this as any other guild. Raid nights are to be determined as they will work around people's schedules. Upon joining the guild, You will be run through karazhan to get yourself a set of entry level 10 man gear. This is to avoid beating around the 10 man progression bush and just getting 25 people entry level raid gear to jump right into 25 man progression. For those who love burning crusade as much as I do, and miss it, we would love to have you and we would love to experience the guild first BC progression kill nerd screams all over again. If this finds you well, comment with interest to join. Thank you all very much for your interest. <3


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    Is this still in the making? Horde or alliance?

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    Also curious if this is still going to go down, I would be willing to xfer my 70 wherever to be able to raid.

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