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    Are Primal Diamond cut recipes supposed to be this common?

    I got my Rogue into Pandaria last night, just the intro quest to Paw'don.

    Today I logged in about an hour ago and in this past hour I've gotten 6 Primal Diamond cut recipes. Agile, Reverberating, Revitalizing, Ember, Forlorn and Austere.

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    I got all my recipes before i was level 87. And i leveled in a group with another JC. So yeah. they are fairly common

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    I dinged 90 with 12 recipes I guess.

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    yeah they drop like leaves.

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    Yup, got all mine but 2 the first day of MoP release when I hit 90.

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    lucky you when i dinged 90 I had 1 recipe. by now though I have all of ehm.
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    Oh. can't imagine how frustrating it was having 1 recipe in level 90.
    but, indeed. recipes fall like leaves.

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    Seem to be. But the side effect is that the cut gems are far, far cheaper than the mats to transmute the uncut gems.

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    With the nerf to Ghost Iron Ore spawns, the shuffle is more expensive... this leads to less primals available to cut and higher prices, even with the patterns being easily available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skarssen View Post
    Seem to be. But the side effect is that the cut gems are far, far cheaper than the mats to transmute the uncut gems.
    Thank God this is not true on my server. Transmuting Primal Diamonds, cutting them, then selling on the AH is one of the few things that brings in decent cash for me.

    The classic shuffle (ore --> enchanting mats) operates at a loss.

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    Common? I'm still missing 4 of them.
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    They're pretty common. Also, if you do the Golden Lotus dailies, you can receive a recipe in the cache of treasure or w/e it's called.

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    I had every one of them except Agile (of course, since I'm a hunter) when I hit 90. Got Agile 3-4 weeks after that.
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    easy drop. while lvling in Pandarian, u can get more receipes.

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