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    Skyrim levling, smithing, deadric and gold.

    I recently bought Skyrim on pc, I've enjoyed the game so far, tried some different characters here and there. Only gotten to level 4, just did the buriel grounds for the Dragon.

    What I am here to ask is:

    I am currently levling destruction, is this viable? Am I easly killed? How do I easly defend myself with it?

    How do I level at a faster pace?

    I've been looking at alot of videoes to help you level you smithing, but can't seem to find anyone up to date. I am also wondering how I can easly make tons of gold, I know there are hundreds of players out there who knows how to make a shit ton of money easly, and I was hoping someone could guide me towards it or link to me a video that is up to date. I also would like to know how to easly get deadric armor.

    Any help regarding this is much appreciated.


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    Smithing is a bit harder to level now. The experience you gain is based on how much the item you are crafting is worth. So, the best way to level now, considering the availability of materials, is by crafting jewelry. The best cost/benefit ratio goes to crafting gold rings. To easily get gold, you will need the Transmute Mineral Ore spell. It allows you to trasmute iron ore to silver ore, and then silver ore to gold ore. As iron ore is all over the place, and it's dirty cheap, it's fairly easy to level. The tome to learn the spell is in the Halted Stream Mine, close to Whiterun.
    Also, save all the gems you get. Regular gems like amethysts and garnets are used to make silver jewelry, which is farily valuable, and flawless gems for gold jewelry.
    Finally, when inside Dwemer ruins, save all the pieces that can be turned into dwarven metal ingots (plate metal, scrap metal, struts, etc.). Take a follower and some carry capacity gear/buffs. Then, use the ingots to craft Dwarven Bows.

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