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    Make them happy on Christmas morning with a new box of LEGOs.
    That's what my sister is getting me haha

    The parents/aunts/uncles just give me money, but I tell everyone else I like toys and video games, sometimes I ask for art related stuff. I always tell them I don't want clothes, they always get me stuff too big, but jackets are ok to buy. I also want the Wii U and a tablet.

    It's a good idea to see what the gift buyer is knowledgeable in that you are also interested in, for example my sister and cousins understand toys and video games, so they'd get that, while my mom is knowledgeable about clothes, so would be the smartest at getting that and my money splurging aunt just likes to spend big, so I would mention to her my interest in wii u and tablet.
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    ask for a hooker to see the look on their face.

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    As Christmas approaches, everyone asks me what I want. I have been telling people 'I don't know' for years. I don't really need/want anything, but my lack of an answer seems to be infuriating to others. They refuse to give me money/nothing.. so.. any ideas?

    I know that is not much to go on, so how about others list things that they may want?
    Tell them you desire happiness.
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    Power Tools
    Grooming Accessories

    That is my complete wishlist for the day of Christmas.

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