Ok, I usually use MMO Champion for reading not for posting but i really want to express my views on CRZ and see what peoples opinions are of it, I'm fine for debate, and out right being told something i said is wrong, but avoid the trolling pleeeease

1. Phasing - Soo i'm flying to Hyjal about to level my new priest, *BOOOOM* "Blazewing!!!!" says Npcscan but alas there is no Blazewing D: flying through Netherstorm BOOOOOM Npc scan goes off, no rare, and so on and so forth, it's not a major issue but it is a pain, especially when i'm flying through Blades Edge passing by all those Mechanical Raptors that aren't actually there, why must you tease me blizzard? Also farming mats as well, I'm herbing/mining, hey look a plant! annnnd it's gone. Yeah you know what i mean!

2. The WoW Community - Ok this is a bit more indepth and "srs" , the helpful social side of the community really started to die out when the LFG system was introduced, now a days i can just sit in stormwind, queue for a dungeon, go through the dungeon, kill, heal, not say a word to anyone and leave, rince and repeat. Before you'd have to use your words to get groups together the first steps to getting to know fellow players, everyone would all get to a meeting stone and summon, you'd have to organise things it was more "effort" but good effort, the sort of effort that meant people talked and stuck around for more after. Also the removal of most group quests means you don't need to find people to help you complete certain quests, i also think things like that are just part of the reason why there are so many dead /gchats now, everything is automated and questing is mostly single player now people can just get on with playing the game without needing to interact with people.

Theeeeen we get to something that's been part of WoW from the beginning and that's how, anyone is a potential threat to you when you're leveling or generally doing anything in the open world, even if they're apart of your faction. Say there's 10 boars in the area and my quest says i need 12 boar eyes and the drop rate is 0.01% (i know i know it's an exaggeration but yknow not all boars have eyes!) and someone else is questing there too. There's maybe a 50% chance that person will ignore a group invite you send them, avoiding making life easier, but even then you need to find 24 boar eyes if they do join so it wouldn't make life much more easier, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't, whereas in games such as GW2 everything you do = WINNING, you attack something someone else is? you get loot and xp as if you did it yourself! someones mining that node? no worries, you can too! Forcing people together just breaks them apart, People are starting to understand that if you make it so that you're not punished if you do things with another player, that you're not forced to play together to make things easier that it just happens more naturally! Your xp isn't cut your loot isn't split, and everyone gets to play together.

I guess what i'm trying to say is... this is meant to be something so that people can play together, but the WoW community has evolved far past that, Blizzard is like that woman in a relationship trying to change the man (Mr WoW Community) into what she wants him to be and sure he may have his issues but all in all he's mostly content, you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole! The majority of the player base seems content with less players being all up in their space, having so many new players come into your zones and make life harder feels more like an intrusion i guess - nothings wrong with having competition or more people about but it comes back to what i call the Cataclysm phase, people wanted the game to be challenging again, so in Cata it was challenging, but it just wasn't what people were used to anymore, it just didn't work anymore, people had to CC, and take things a little slower but some just couldn't be bothered with it.

3. Low population servers - I remember reading a blue post or something about peoples concerns about high pop realms and CRZ and the blue trying to reassure people that high pop realms would have less interference and low/mid pop realms would see a lot more players - call me stupid but do people pick low pop servers for a reason... yes i know there are people who go where friends go, and people who choose it because it's name is super manly! etc etc but there are those out there who are happy with being on a low pop server, It kinda just defeats the object of being able to choose, now all you're really choosing the population of is Stormwind/Orgrimmar or Pandaria. >_<

4. Breaking stuff! I guess this comes back to phasing but the more points i come up with the more right i am! (I'm ofc joking ^_^) but CRZ really seems to break things, mounting up on my taxi mount taking my buddy to a dungeon, changing zones and ohhh... no... i threw him off my back down a cliff! (bringing the community closer eh? ) and depending on where you're going this can happen like 4-5 times! I got a galleon group together with some friends, and people on other realms joined, we got him down to 50% and suddenly... half the raid was phased from each other (ok fine this really should of come under point no.1) so the raid wiped, half the raid couldn't see the other half, the horde then got the kill, it was all a bit odd and we weren't sure why it happened but it was pretty disappointing. And when ever i change zones my game tries to tell me i can't use that item, i still don't know which item D:, and for fellow pet collectors weathers having been ballsing up pretty badly too due to cross realm zones.

There are more points i can add to this but at 6am i am a little stumped when i've slept i'll probably reply with them

All in all I'm sure it has it's good points, but it kind of comes down to whether the good out weighs the bad, I see an awful lot of people moan about the system and very few say anything good about it, Blizzard says it's satisfied with the system and that it's received good feedback o.o, maybe if we had the option to opt in or out people would be happier instead of being force fed a system a lot of us really don't enjoy, don't get me wrong guys, I joined late Vanilla, I love WoW to bits, I just don't happen to agree with CRZ =)

Again, opinions and debates welcome! (Sorry it's long!)