Guild title: Relentless
Server: The Scryers
Level 25 Guild
Guild Founded: February, 2007

Current Recruitment Status: OPEN
LFM Raiders and PvPers!

Raid Format: 10man
Raid Schedule: (PST)
Tuesdays 6-8:15pm
Thursdays 6-8:15pm

About Relentless:
We are a DRAMA-FREE guild! Relentless is a fun semi-casual raiding guild. To our members, Relentless is like a family that enjoys spending time together. We are reaching out to find like-minded players that enjoy raiding, PvPing, transmog old world raids, social activities and other fun game content. We realize the importance of the world outside of the game, and enjoy the escape from real life that WoW provides. We like to schedule in-game events as a group so that even if you choose not to raid with us, you will still have many activities to enjoy as a group.

Recruiting requirements:
17+ years old
Must be respectful of other players

For more info: BattleTag: Veranna#1906

To Apply, visit: