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    VP upgrades for Shadow priest

    Good day guys.
    Let's imagine that we have a full-normal set of gear or full heroic set of gear.
    What will be your priority for upgrading gear?
    For example, the first thing will obviously be DMF trinket, because it is still better than other even popped up trinkets.
    What's next? I'm interested in that especially from the perspective of the people who capped 8k haste cap.

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    Weapon > Trinkets > Tiers > Rest of the gear

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    I would recommend not using item upgrade on all of your gears until it's your BiS. So far, I only upgraded one weapon and my DMF trinket but I won't be upgrading anything else until I get some Bis gears. Just to upgrade all of your gears, it will take about 6 months of VP capping in order to upgrade them fully.

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    Only gear that's normal/heroic ilevel. Anything else is liable to be replaced at any time.
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    i upgraded my normal sha touched staff. i figured that not only was i getting a significant amount of SP, but a 2h wep is balanced to be roughly equivalent to a MH/OH so i was getting extra mileage out of the upgrade. plus it's crit/haste so it seemed like a particularly good choice :P

    i know a lot of people do the whole 'wait for bis' thing, but i'm more interested in killing content as fast as possible with my guild.

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