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    [H]10 Nordrassil - Bada Bing Club - 2/6 HC MV, 6/6 HoF & 3/4 Terrace

    Hello fellow raiders!

    Bada Bing Club is a longlasting Guild at Nordrassil server, the past time we´ve climbed the rankings as our motivation and our goals have been higher than under previous management.

    We are a Semi-Hardcore guild with an aim at focused raiding clearing content, and having a fun and social feel to it! Having fun while raiding doesnt only come from killing pixels according to us.

    Right now recruitment is open for:


    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman
    Balance Druid

    Restoration Shaman
    Holy Paladin

    We raid the following days:

    •Monday 20:00-23:00
    •Tuesday 20:00-23:00
    •Wednesday 20:00-23:00
    •Thursday 20:00-23:00
    •Sunday 19:00-23:00

    Out of these raids we believe each raider should be able to attend atleast 80%.

    We demand that you have good knowledge of your class and is properly prepared for heroic and normal raiding. Top gear isn´t required but if you lack gear you need to make up for it with skills.

    We use a loot council to distribute loot in our raids and it has been an appreciated change from using different dkp systems.

    If your class isn't listed you can still send in an application, we're always considering exceptional players. Visit us at bbc-gaming.enjin.com/
    Or have a chat ingame with either Kottsnaskarn, Grunkh Laliina or Ábbe.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    /Grunkh, Officer of Bada Bing Club
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    I give cookies to applicants

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    In high need of any skilled ranged dps!!

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    Recruitment status updated!

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    Gimme a tank!

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    Need 1 great tank and 1 ranged dps to complete roster!

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    Still looking for Tank, and ranged dps, especially Hunter!

    New website as well

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    Up you go still need tank and hunter very much!

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    Come on tanks and huntards we want u bad!

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    Bump, same as before

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    Hunter number 1 priority right now! Tank spot filled

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